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These Fascinating Stories Just Keep Coming !! Here is One From Spain.

Here are a pair of elephants whose images have been kindly sent to me by Andrés Sánchez de Merás from Madrid and who has studied art history and tells me that he found them when doing an inventory of a very large house near Madrid. In fact it is a house totalling 3,000 square metres (very large) and hasn’t been opened for 60 years !! Apparently Andrés knows the owners, which is why he is doing the job.

I am absolutely fascinated by this type of find. It really amazes me how Thomas Forester pieces came to rest in mid Spain so many years ago. I would love to find out the whole story.

Andrés did ask about value so I questioned a Twitter friend, Jonathan O’Marah, who actively deals and is somehow involved in the TV series ‘The Real Deal’. He told me the market is very bad right now for Majolica and a couple of years ago these would have fetched about £200 but these days it would be closer to £50. I was quite shocked but past the message on to Andrés.

I myself have one of these items which I really treasure. For interest sake I have also posted an image at the bottom from the book ‘Majolica Figures’ by Helen Cunningham which was published in 1997 and showed a price of $1100-1700. Obviously a very volatile market.

Two Forester Elephants sent by Andres Sanchez de Meras

Majolica Elephant Planter c1890s

My Majolica Elephant Planter c1890s







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