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Part of the Rebirth and Rejuvenation of Thomas Forester’s Phoenix Works Originally Built in 1881.

As part of the ongoing major renovation and rejuvenation of the Thomas Forester Majolica Factory called Phoenix Works, which was originally built in 1881, the two remaining bottle ovens have been closely restored to their magnificent original condition by removing 137 years of grime from them and the surrounding building. This took over three months of intensive specialised cleaning. These structures display the incredible skill of the Victorian tradesmen who built hundreds of them in the area known as “The Potteries”, mostly in the C19th. The first one has had the scaffold removed and is shown here. The second one will probably be on show next week.

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  1. Patricia Goodman

    Dear SIr, I was thrilled to locate this site. I was interested (sentimental reasons) in a plate I have with A green stamp – it says CAIRO on the on the top of a circle, with T.F> & S
    written though the middle of the circle. The piece is a lovely green on cream design of an Asian scene- San pan, fish and flowers on a river. Bottom 4th of plate is a scene from the the shore – small table with vase of flwers, tea cup and saucer and plate. Rim has banded outline- in green with diamond pattern. No gold edge visible.

    An artifact from my grandmother who lived in Canada until emigrating to the US.

    I would like to find other examples of this ware. Thank so very much.

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