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Kate Maters Teaware

I received this message from Kate :-

I was wondering if you could help me. I have inherited a 6 coffee set and saucers set. I wondered if you would be able to help me date it? It is stamped. Best English china. Foresters ltd England. There is a hand written number too.

I responded:-

I would love to help you but I would need to see an image of the the set
plus one of any markings on the base.
If you can let me have those I am sure I will be able to give you some
idea of the date of manufacture.

Kate then sent these images.

I then responded:-

Very many thanks for the images you sent. I have come across a few lots online who seem to think pattern number 5139 is 1930s.
These could all be the same trio. The cup shape is different than yours.
I think your set could have been made earlier judging by the teacup shape.
I am waiting for an old Thomas Forester pattern book, which I have bought from the States, to arrive.
As soon as it does, hopefully it will give us a bit more information, which I will let you know about.
I have only just started compiling the teaware side, bone china and earthenware, of Forester’s output.
Lots of the designs were handpainted and only have a pattern number rather than a name.
As you have seen from the website there was an enormous variety of the early art pottery etc and that has taken me ages to list.

My last response was that sadly there wasn’t anything in the catalogue, which I have posted on the website, to help further.

Thomas Forester teaware is a massive job to list and identify.

There were thousands of designs handpainted over the years and I do not have the benefit of a comprehensive illustrated guide.

I find Ebay to be very useful in trying to identify different designs.


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