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An interesting plate design.

This plate image was sent to me by Howard A Cowling. I never cease to be amazed how far flung Forester’s pottery ended up.

His message was :-

Hoping you could supply some details on this T.F & S Plate.
The pattern is gold in colour and the pate measures 8 1/2 " square.

I purchased it from a Salvation Army Op Shop today at the Gold Coast Queensland, Australia.
Any info would be appreciated.

Here is the relevant passage from my reply :-

Thank you for sending your message and your interest in Forester’s ware.

Whilst I haven’t seen the same design before of your plate here is a scan of an image from my friend Peter Beckett’s book about Thomas Forester called ‘The Forgotten Giant’.

It shows the identical shape to your plate and as it states it is definitely a 1930s shape.


IMG_0837 IMG_0841

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