Thomas Forester JPIn year 2000 I collected a very large number of Thomas Forester pieces from auction houses and all around the world via Ebay with the intention of creating a museum within The Phoenix Works built by Thomas Forester and completed in 1881. Due to various reasons that didn’t happen and after a period of uncertainty as what to do with the collection, sadly virtually all of it was sent to Wilsons in Nantwich to be auctioned.

I was left with a few pieces I couldn’t bear to let go and lots of images of the many pieces which had been disposed of. It was while I perused these photographs and my friend Peter Beckett had written his bookĀ about Forester’s that I had the idea of creating this website to hopefully interest more people in the pottery which Forester created and the incredible success he made of his business.

As this is purely an information website for interested parties, I am hoping that anyone who has pictures of ForesterĀ“s pottery or any information or stories which they think would be of interest to the rest of us will send it to me via email and they can then be incorporated in the website.

I have also managed to publish an article on Wikipedia about Foresters.