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A Very Special Coffee Table Made by Thomas Forester for his Sons.

This table is the only survivor of three that Thomas Forester made for his sons when they joined the firm in 1883. There were also two vases made for his daughters at the same time but noone knows the whereabouts of either of those.

He would have had to make at least twenty of these tables to end up with three perfect pieces. Each one had to be fired at least a total of four times for the manufacture and the decoration with a risk of loss on each occasion.

This example is owned by Mr Ian Forester who is the great great grandson of Thomas and who kindly allowed me to photograph it following his and it’s appearance on the Antiques Roadshow on Sunday 15th May. It is truly a unique piece of beautiful art produced by the skilled craftspeople of that era. I feel very privileged to have seen it and been able to photograph it having heard about it previously and not knowing if any had survived.


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