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A Bumble Bee Quandry

This is the only piece I have ever seen which carries the Bumble Bee backstamp with TF&S.

I have seen the Bumble Bee on Meigh and Forester (or Forester and Meigh) which was a partnership dissolved in 1886 and Forester and Hulme which finished in 1893 but never on a Thomas Forester and Sons item which must have been made between 1883 and 1891. We’ll have to get Sherlock Holmes on the job 😉

These images were kindly sent to me by Joyce ? whose mother-in-law owns it. I’ve told her it’s quite unique. She did ask about a value but I am afraid that with not buying or selling pieces I really have no idea and leave it to better qualified people to judge that.

image2 image1


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