This website has been created as a tool to enhance the knowledge and interest in the pottery made mainly at the Phoenix Works by Thomas Forester between 1877 to 1950. Phoenix Works has been owned by our family since 1961

Thomas ForesterI hope this will be of interest to existing collectors of 19th century pottery and may even encourage would-be collectors to look at the enormous range of majolica and art pottery manufactured by Foresters. I am also hoping to encourage any interested party to contribute their images of the pottery and their stories of what sparked their interest. With that in mind, I am endeavouring to keep a record of the prices Forester’s ware fetches on Ebay etc. My friend Peter Beckett wrote in his book about Thomas Forester called “A Victorian Pottery, Thomas Foresters ‘The Forgotten Giant’ “,¬†quote “Who on earth was Thomas Forester”. “What did they do?” etc. etc. Pottery-Sketch In spite of, taking the largest order in 1881 ever to be given to a Staffordshire pottery manufacturer up to then, his work has been largely overlooked by collectors in favour of the more famous Mintons, George Jones, Wedgwood and Doultons etc. However Forester’s wares do offer an economical opportunity to collect colourful and interesting examples related to the various design and fashion periods through which he traded.


Some Examples of Thomas Forester Pottery See many more in the Pottery Gallery